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About Us

Our background

Gentle Spirit Alpaca Farm is located in Wiggins, Colorado, a farming community about an hour northeast of Denver, and is home to 150 alpacas. We been in operation for over ten years and for the past eight years have been processing our fiber into luxurious yarns for sale at several local shows. We gradually added alpaca products like socks, hats, mittens, and gloves to our product line and now offer a full line of alpaca wear.  

Product Sourcing to feel good about


Made in the USA from Start to Finish. Our alapca yarn, rovings, and fleece are all resourced from our own alpacas. The alpacas eat grass and alfalfa from local farmers and the fleece is processed at a locally owned mini-mill on the Colorado western slope. 

Supporting the Peruvian Farmers and Artisans. Our products made in Peru are sourced through companies that are either Fair Trade Federation members or otherwise strive to create positive change through their work. We are dedicated to ensuring our products are from organizations that ensure fair wages and working conditions. 

Happy Alpacas Producing Quality Fiber

Mom and baby alpaca laying next to each other

Raised at a Animal Friendly Farm. Our alpacas are raised in animal friendly environment. We ensure that our animals are treated humanely and receive all the care that they need. Each alpaca has a name and all babies, called crias, live with their mothers until an appropriate weening age. 

Variety of Colors and Types. We have both kinds of alpacas, huacaya and suri, in a wide variety of colors. Huacayas are the traditional fluffy kind and suris have hair that hangs in shiny locks. The variety of colors and types allows us to create a range of products.